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EXT. Taking Notes, A Lesser Known Technique - TWILIGHT

As a rule, I take notes from just about anyone. But ultimately, the best source of notes are the gatekeepers. Readers, managers, secretaries, PAs. Whoever is turning the pages looking for the magic slugline that will catapult their talent toward the brass ring. The problem is, they don't send you (me) notes. They send your notes along, but naturally, don't cc you with their commentary. The good news is -- it doesn't matter. It all comes down to an under-appreciated skill I like to call technical remote viewing.

Way back in the mid-nineties, some friends and I were doing our best to recreate the conditions at Andy Warhol's factory. Once we even had a nutjob who walked through our loft brandishing a loaded firearm, threatening to shoot whoever looked at him wrong. Or maybe it was something else. But I digress.

The point is, we had a big loft and a lot of weirdos wandering through. One day, a cute little weirdo with a shag-top wandered into my life through the door to that loft. I can't think of her name at this moment, but what I do remember is that she had some unusual skills and education, the least of which was that she had studied technical remote viewing.

Up until that moment, I hadn't heard of it, but naturally, it piqued my interest. Or maybe it was the way she wore her Ray-Bans. Does it matter? In any event, using Lennon's (related) technique from Dig a Pony, I syndicated her rowing technique.
I pick a moon dog
Well, you can radiate everything you are
yes, you can radiate everything you are
Oh now!

I roll a stoney
Well, you can imitate everyone you know
Yes, you can imitate everyone you know

I guess, in retrospect, I helped her switch boyfriends and she taught me RV. Last I heard, she and her Johnny Depp lookalike were restaging Easy Rider in the mountains of San Luis Obisbo. I wish them well.

RV comes in handy for taking notes on scripts. I send my scripts to the coolest people I can think of, and take notes via TRV. It's better than coverage because ink and symbols are an impoverished pidgin language for the mind's eye.


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