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EXT. Script Formatting - TWILIGHT

NOTE: This post refers to spec screenplays or my write-to-direct scripts. If hiring me to write a script, you can provide a sample script as an example of how you want your script formatted.

There's a lot of information bouncing around about how to format a script. I have experimented with a variety of styles, but, after attempting to build a shotlist for my own "Thank you for Smoking" formatted screenplay, I decided to revisit some of the more classic styles used in the 70s. Subsequently, I choose to write visually and when writing action sequences, call out shots in ALL CAPS.

If you find this disturbing you can either move to the next script in your reading pile or put in an offer on my script. If it turns out that I like your offer as much as you like my screenplay (formatting notwithstanding), I'll be happy to re-write the script, removing all the shots and if you so desire, call out important information with ♥♥♥ PINK HEARTS ♥♥♥ or any other visual device you may prefer.

But make no mistake, it's a preference, not an absolute.

I know some professional readers and have read their screenplays. I'm all GOOD HERE.

I just finished reading an interesting little book on screenwriting filled with recommendations from an "industry pro". I really liked the fact that she copied entire chapters from Syd Field's work without any sort of attribution. I guess it made it easier to write her book. After all, thinking for yourself is such hard work.

MEANWHILE, I'll continue to write my scripts as if I will end up directing them.

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