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EXT. A Good Query Letter - TWILIGHT

Query letters get read. I read some. Even when I wasn't interested.

Try interning as a script reader. After reading about 100 query letters you soon realize the importance of a succinct, catchy query letter. Recently someone I knew sent a query letter for a screenplay to the agency where I was working. The letter made me laugh out loud. The writer, a veteran of The Second City program, touring and cruise ships. Get an education.

Less is more.

If you can't pitch your screenplay in 3 sentences, you need to find another hobby.

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EXT. I'm Baaack! - TWILIGHT

I remember completing some scripts and taking some writing classes. Then, I started looking for representation, got sucked into improv, took a lot of classes, interned with a manager, interned at an agency, became an agent, made some sh!t happen and finally... retired/returned to get back to writing by way of talent management/production.

Work always leads to more work.

Do I have insight? Yes indeed. Having been inside a boutique agency for two years, my eyes were opened. It was worse, far worse than I imagined. And easier, much easier than I imagined.

Take classes. Take a lot. Of. Classes.


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EXT. Israel and Palestine Agree One Party to Rule Gaza - TWILIGHT

JERUSALEM, Israel - In their first ever Skype videoconference, Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Hamas leaders began what appeared to be just another series of veiled insults punctuated by bursts of well-crafted rhetoric. However, Netanyahu noticed a familiar sound drifting over the Skype headset from Hamas headquarters and recognized the beats from an underground house mix by DJ Keoki which had been circulating in the region's discos for at least a month prior.

"When Party, Party (You're the Bomb) came on," said an unidentified Hamas cell leader, "I realized that we had something in common: we liked the same music. We got to talking and realized we hung out at the same clubs and had many of the same friends. But, it was like, totally weird that we hadn't run into each other before! And it became clear that we needed to set aside a millennium of conflict stemming from political and cultural differences and do something fun and peaceful together."

The two nations have agreed to turn the Gaza strip into Eurasia's biggest rave party and decided to kick things off by legalizing ecstasy in the West Bank and distributing free glow-sticks to the first 100,000 people on the dance floor.

In anticipation of opening night, many Israelis and Palestinians, high on e, were lining up near the official entrance to the rave, kissing and licking each other's faces, without any regard to political, ideological or sexual orientation -- a clear sign that the conflict that has plagued this region since the Oslo Accords was coming to a close.

"It's too bad that Arafat is dead," said one raver, "because he totally would have loved this party."


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